Advanced Placement Student Support Lounge

Project Purpose

Hernando High will purchase furniture to create a non-traditional classroom environment for Advanced Placement students to utilize as a place to seek academic support from teachers and peers.

The AP lounge will serve as a place for students to seek additional study time and tutoring to achieve success in the course and on the AP exam. Many of HHS’s first-time AP students have been identified through a collaborated effort between the school and Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) to identify potential AP students. Many students were identified through surveys and interviews and most have not historically been considered candidates for the program for various reasons including lack of support both academically and personally, lack of confidence or self-esteem, absence of motivation and encouragement, and a absence of personal conversations with trusted adults regarding the possibilities and opportunities of college-level courses and enrollment in college post high school.

This project is important because these first-time AP students will need tiered support both emotionally and academically to overcome the aforementioned obstacles. This will be a place where students can feel safe to seek assistance and prosper in a learning environment more aligned with study and resource rooms available at colleges and universities. The relationships built in the non-traditional, informal setting will be the foundation for peer relations that will bolster success and build confidence.

What will these funds be used to purchase?

These funds will be used to purchase second-hand or refurbished furniture at a fraction of the cost of the furniture permissible by approved school vendors when available. Much of the desired decor is not an option through school specialty stores. The purpose and goal of this decor will be to portray a non-classroom feel with upholstered chairs, subtle lighting ( a lot less fluorescent), cafe tables for standing as an alternative and an overall warmth not conveyed in a typical classroom with student desks and chairs along with a teacher desk at the front of the room.

Goal: $500.00

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