Coming to a Screen Near You

Challenger K8 has been a school in Hernando County for 15 Years. They are a magnet school for science and math and they also house the Quest (gifted) program for the district. The computers throughout the school are over 12 years old, they are obsolete and cannot keep up with the current trends in technology. They are running on windows 7 and are incredibly slow to respond. The school would love to have school-wide projects for parents, community members, and local businesses to be able to participate and help with donations to Challenger K8 to upgrade their current technology.

They are looking at trying to accomplish this goal by the end of the 2020-21 school year and funding from the district for technology is very limited. We want to be able to offer the families and community members from Challenger K8 the opportunity to support this school and help make a big educational difference for both teachers and students.

Challenger K8 is wanting ti place 6 new computers in each of their classrooms and 25 into the media center lab area. This is a total of 463 new computers. Being a magnet school specializing in science and mathematics, there is an abundance of technology that they would love for their students to be able to take advantage of (3D Printing, Goose Chase,, Google classroom, etc.) and with new computers in their classrooms and library, they would be able to do exactly that!

These funds raised will be used to purchase:

  • New desktop computers (tower, keyboard & mouse included)

Goal: $320,000

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