Guitars for Parrott Students


Project Purpose

“Middle School is all about student discovery and at Parrott we want to provide as many opportunities for our students to pursue their own individual greatness. A guitar is a unique instrument that allows students to bridge many forms of music both instrumental and vocally. Many bands are equipped with instruments needed to play in a standard band class/regiment. Guitar is not usually highlighted within the band regiment yet s many students have a direct interest in the guitar. With this purchase of instrumental equipment we will be able to offer this opportunity to those students to an interest/passion that perhaps they were unsure they had. We want to help them pursue their own greatness.”

What will these funds be used to purchase?

* 20(Twenty) Alvarez RS26 Guitars including Gig Bags.

Goal/Total Requested: $1,600
Total cost of project: $3,199.80

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