Inquiry Through Technology and Beyond

The purpose of this project is to enhance Central High School’s students’ 21st Century skills and enable them to be at the same level (or higher) of education as their peers upon graduating high school and furthering his or her career while becoming productive members of society.  Their Science and Mathematics departments firmly believe in higher-order research-based and project-based inquiry lessons and are in need of laptop carts for their students in order to prepare them for their future endeavors.

This school is not a one-to-one school, and the CHS Science Department Chair, Mrs. Kingdom, and others would like to find a way to change that.  They would like to put technological devices, such as laptops, in every Science and Mathematical classroom at Central High School and eventually at every public school in Hernando County.  Students need to have the proper technological tools in order to reach the highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Students need to be able to think critically through the problem and project-based inquiry assessments (research).

The funds will be used for the purchase of a Laptop Cart that contains 30 Student HP*360 11G1 Laptops and 1 Anywhere Cart AC Plus, which was quoted at the cost of $14, 986.51. It is with great hope that one day we will be able to provide more technology for all students in Hernando County Schools!

Goal: $14,986.51

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