Living Stories

This project at Spring Hill Elementary would combine virtual and augmented reality platforms with a writing/literacy program called “CoSpaces” which will allow students to create narrative writing, design their setting, and upload it onto the virtual or augmented reality system. This way, the students can enter and share their narrative setting in VR along with their creative writing. This project would combine literacy, writing skills, computer coding, and technology with moderne applications in the VR and AR world. The virtual reality system can also be used with a variety of educational programs such as problem-solving, science, technology, natural and human history, the arts, geography, etc. The system can also be upgraded by adding educational programs as needed and as they become available.

This type of program is needed in public school systems to allow students to compete in the technology-based job market of the future, and to keep our schools/classrooms current with available educational technology. The importance of this platform is multi-level, not only sparking interest in writing and literacy skills but allowing students to combine modern technology with their writing skills as well.

The funds that are raised will be used to purchase:

  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality System
  • iBUYPOWER Desktop VR Compatible Computer
  • CoSpaces Online Platform and
  • Merge Cubes

Goal: $1,000

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$2,500Raised $2,500 towards the $2,500 target.$2,500Raised $2,500 towards the $2,500 target.100%


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