Music Specials Program

The purpose of this project is for children to have the opportunity to learn about music fundamentals, experience music hands-on, as well as learning how to sing, play instruments, and perform on stage while expanding their knowledge and appreciation of music

As a music teacher at Deltona Elementary, Ms. Spallino’s heart sings and dances knowing that children will be inspired by music and given the opportunity to learn music fundamentals. Children will experience, listen to, analyze, and connect to music through the hands-on approach and lesson plans she creates. Children will be engaged in learning how to sing songs, play melodic tunes, all while expressing themselves and creating music of their own.

Children will grow, learn, and understand what it means to be a part of a performance group, and how much music affects themselves through self-expression and the people around them. Ms. Spallino’s hope is to inspire these students to compose, create and become the very best version of themselves as they prepare to sing, dance, and perform in life and the future ahead of them.

These funds raised will be used to purchase:

  • Classroom materials, such as instruments & microphones
  • Program supplies like show materials and
  • Copies of music and lyrics

Goal: $2,500

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$5,000Raised $3,800 towards the $5,000 target.$3,800Raised $3,800 towards the $5,000 target.76%


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