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  • Chocachatti Playground Project

    Currently, at Chocachatti, we have amazing things going on that ensure brains are growing and healthy eating is learned and practiced, but physical exercise is an area that the…

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  • Coming to a Screen Near You

    Challenger K8 has been a school in Hernando County for 15 Years. They are a magnet school for science and math and they also house the Quest (gifted) program…

  • Inquiry Through Technology and Beyond

    The purpose of this project is to enhance Central High School’s students’ 21st Century skills and enable them to be at the same level (or higher) of education as…

  • Living Stories

    This project at Spring Hill Elementary would combine virtual and augmented reality platforms with a writing/literacy program called “CoSpaces” which will allow students to create narrative writing, design their…

  • Moton Marquee Update

    Moton, along with Accuform, has done a tremendous job in re-branding Moton Elementary School. This re-branding has sparked positivity from students,…

  • Music Specials Program

    The purpose of this project is for children to have the opportunity to learn about music fundamentals, experience music hands-on, as well as learning how to sing, play instruments,…

  • NCT DVP to NYC 4

    Title: NCT DVP to NYC 4
    Goal: $2,500
    Description: NCTHS’ Digital Video Production program was selected…

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  • Parent Academy of Hernando County Schools

    Mission: To open the lines of communication between home and school by connecting parents to the resources and information needed to support their child’s education.

    Vision: Be the link to…