Mission to Mars – Kennedy Space Center Visit

What do you plan to do? What is the purpose of this project? Why do you think this is important?
West Hernando Middle School, Brooksville, Florida is looking to provide our students a cross curriculum, hands on learning experience in 8th grade, in the hopes that we will inspire students to become active participants in our science curriculum (Earth and Space), by connecting with culinary (sustainable garden), art (designing mission patch and flag), math (parabolas, trajectory, acceleration), history (The Early Astronomers), and ELA (The Space Race).
By integrating science curriculum into other subject areas and providing real life experiences we hope to create longer lasting connections to science. Students will plan a simulated Mission to Mars, research, design, and build the items needed for the simulation. Once the mission is complete, students will follow up with a real-life experience by taking a trip to the Kennedy Space Center to view the “JOURNEY TO MARS LAUNCHED BY UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE” and “MARS ROVER VEHICLE NAVIGATOR®” and visit other attractions within the Kennedy Space Center.

West Hernando Middle School serves 694 students. In 2022 our 8th grade students scored 38% proficient on the FSSA with a 6/11 in Nature of Science and 9/15 in Earth and Space compared to the state average of 45% proficient, 6/11 in Nature of Science and 10/15 in Earth and Space.

Although the number of points earned by content area is comparable to the state, our percentage proficient falls below the state and our District average of 48%. The objective is to see a measurable increase in proficiency on the Florida Statewide Standards Assessment and student learning gains on the NWEA, Maps testing.


What will these funds be used to purchase? (Please provide specifics along with dollar amounts):
These funds will be used to pay the total cost of transportation or help offset the student’s transportation cost with the funds that are raised. The cost for each charter bus is $1,925.00 and we are planning on taking our entire 8th grade of 235 students. To do this, we will need five buses bringing the cost to $9625.00.

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