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Try it Thursday

What do you plan to do? What is the purpose of this project? Why do you think this is important?:
Try it Thursday is a concept that was created to expose students to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables they may not have access to on a regular basis. We work with local farmers as well as our vendors to secure an assortment of fresh, seasonal produce items which will encourage students to try new things and develop a lifelong love of fruits and vegetables. Each Thursday we will add a new produce Item to our serving line for students to try. We will share fun facts and information on the benefits of the produce item through signage, social media and our cafeteria menu screens.


What will these funds be used to purchase? (Please provide specifics along with dollar amounts):
All $4,800 dollars will go directly to purchasing a variety of fresh, local produce items. $200 will go to marketing and educating our students on the benefits of a diet rich in an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables.


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