Eastside Leopard’s Victory Slide

Eastside Elementary School will be implementing the Ron Clark Academy’s House System for the 2021-2022 school year. To fully implement this House System, they would like to purchase a free-standing slide that the students will use as a right of passage once they reach their milestone goals, academically or behaviorally. This school-wide House System creates a culture of honor, pride, and togetherness. The school runs off of a house and points system. When students enroll, they are assigned a house. The house welcomes them ad they are proud of where they reside! Throughout the year, they earn points individually and through activities for their houses! As students meet their individual academic and behavioral goals, they will be nominated to become Slide Certified. This “certification” means they will have the chance to slide down the Leopard Victory Slide while all their classmates and teachers are watching and rooting them on. The slide symbolizes that they have not only met their goals but will continue to push forward to meet new expectations and goals for the future. Each student that is nominated and selected to “take the slide” will receive a brand new Razor Scooter and Helmet as their reward for further cementing the symbolic journey! The students’ Victory Slide journey will be celebrated with loud music, dancing, and a whole lot of cheering.

The funds for this project will be used to purchase an ADA compliant free standing curly slide. The $27,000 of necessary funding includes the cost to purchase the slide, installation on site at Eastside Elementary School, and ensure all safety measures are met.

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