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The Art of Health

School Name: Deltona Elementary School
Project Title: The Art of Health
Amount to Raise: $500

What do you plan to do? What is the purpose of this project? Why do you think this is important?
I will be incorporating art projects to enhance the Health lessons by involving the whole brain and body. Hands on activities will engage and enhance the learning outcomes in the areas of self awareness, emotional and physical health, social skills, and self discipline. I think it is important for all students, regardless of their cognitive ability, to be able to learn.

What will these funds be used to purchase? (Please provide specifics along with dollar amounts):
Felt Fabric Sheets – 6 sets @ $5.89 each Acrylic Paint Markers – 4 sets @ $32.99 each Googly Wiggle Eyes – 4 sets @ 12.99 each Cotton Swabs – 10 sets @ $7.08 each Plastic Drinking Straws – 4 sets @ $5.99 each Tempera Paint – 4 sets @ $46.69 each

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