Get Your Stuff Together

The school counselors at WWHS are designing a coping room for students who are struggling to manage their emotions. They have permission from administration to use an empty room. They plan to divide the room in two sections — one for anger and one for calming. The anger side will have things like jump ropes, balls to bounce, etc. The calming side will have bean bag chairs, calming music, things to color, etc.

They think that having a coping room is important because they encounter students on a daily basis who struggle to manage their emotions. This room will allow the school counselors to work with students and help teach them some important coping strategies. By teaching students appropriate coping strategies, the counselors will hopefully reduce the number of incidences such as fights, suicidal ideation, acting out, etc.

With the funds raised, they will purchase: Paint, balls, posters, jump ropes, bean bag chairs, colored pencils and coloring books, fidgets, a radio or speaker, mats, and light covers.

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