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What do you plan to do? What is the purpose of this project? Why do you think this is important?:
The purpose of this project is to host a conference for students. Eighth graders, juniors and seniors will attend this all day “conference” where there will be a keynote speaker, multiple breakout sessions from them to choose from with snacks and lunch provided. This will be a two-day event – one day for middle schoolers and one day for high schoolers. This is event is important, because students will get to learn about potential careers in multiple different industries, leadership skills, building connections, life skills, etc. We first hosted this event back in March 2020 and it was a complete hit with students. They said they felt a sense of independence being able to choose sessions for themselves and they could not believe that an event like this was put on just for them. With that being said, we are very excited to bring this back for our students.


What will these funds be used to purchase? (Please provide specifics along with dollar amounts):
This is just an idea of what we are thinking we need. It could be more or less in each area, or an area we will need funds for may not be listed as the planning continues.
Food – $2,000     Speaker – $1,500     Venue Rental – $2,000      Supplies – $2,000       Transportation – $2,500        T-Shirts – $3,000

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