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Art with Character Development

School Name: Challenger K-8
Project Title: Art with Character Development
Amount to Raise: 300.00

What do you plan to do? What is the purpose of this project? Why do you think this is important?
I would love to purchase books and puppets for Character Development, Social Emotional, and Growth Mindset for my classroom. This is my first year implementing Character Development for grades K-5 with art. This is also my first school year in the art classroom. I have only listed books. This is the first time in fourteen years of teaching that I am seeking financial help for my students so they can have access to the best books for my standards. I think this is important since the effect and affects of Covid and the many changes in our society, our students are struggling more than ever with social emotional, character development, manners, and social skills. My school has seen an increase of discipline since Covid and yet there is not enough time for teachers, counselors, school leaders, parents, and stakeholders to help our students improve upon these needs.

What will these funds be used to purchase? (Please provide specifics along with dollar amounts)
Book: Visiting Feelings $13.46 Book: In My Heart $8.88 Little Spot Feelings Book set and puppets $27.53 Book: The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions $10.20 Book: Grumpy Monkey $10.62 Book: Our Diversity Makes Us Stronger $11.99 Book set: A Little SPOT of Feelings Books 1-8 $53.99 Book set: A Little SPOT of Feelings Books 9-16 $38.42 Book set: A Little Spot of Feelings Books 17-24 $36.60 Book set: A Little SPOT of Feelings Books 25-32 $39.63 Book set: A Little SPOT of Feelings of Books: 33-40 Book: The Dot $12.59 Book: Sky Color $13.49 Book: Be You by Peter H. Reynolds $9.71 Book: Say Something $9.69 Book: The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes $10.59 Book: Hair Love $8.88 Book: I Am Stronger Than My Anger $11.99 Book: All Emotions Matter $11.99 Book: Mindfulness Makes Me Stronger $11.99 Book: Find Your Calm $12.95 Book: June Bug "No Life Too Small $17.99 Book: Skin Like Mine $8.95 Book: The Adventures of Big Head Bob and Long Neck Lisa "A Deep Dive into Friendship" $14.99 Book: The Adventures of Big Head Bob $5.95 Book: The First Day Jitters $7.14 Book: A Letter From Your Teacher $11.99 Book: I Can Do Hard Things $ 12.95 I could go on forever but would be so grateful for anything! Thank you! Cassie Surak *I will email the photo for the project to be used as the icon since it will not allow me to attach to this area. Thank you!

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