August – Lorraine Armstrong – West Hernando Middle School

Nomination – “Mrs. Armstrong is a 6th grade math teacher at West Hernando Middle School. Math is my son’s subject that he struggles the most in. She made 6th grade math his best year of math by far. She had so much patience with him and really gave him a sense of confidence. He always told me that she made math fun with all the games that she played in class that he didn’t feel like he was doing math. She also offered math lunch twice a week that he always looked forward to. And he made sure to find her shortly after 7th grade began to ask her for extra help with 7th grade math. She made sure to take the time and give him extra worksheets to take home and said if he needed extra help to come see her at any time. Again she is another teacher that this school is extremely lucky to have. The transition of middle school can be very difficult on a child and (she) made this process a little easier and have made an impact on (my son’s) life.”

September – Jennifer Soccorso – Fox Chapel Middle School

Nomination – “Mrs. Soccorso is an amazing teacher who’s classroom is bright and cherry and includes a class pet. She goes above and beyond to make science fun and is very passionate. She provides classroom supplies to take the stress off parents. Going on 7 years in public school system she is by far the most passionate and caring teacher my child has had. She also has great communication with parents and works with student and parent to make sure student feels support and can reach their full potential. She has made my child’s transition from elementary school to middle school so much easier. Very engaged with her students they leave class excited and chattering about what cool things they learned that day. Coming from an elementary school clock full of amazing teachers I cannot imagine a teacher more deserving of thanks than Mrs. Soccorso!”

October – Adam Maternowski – Weeki Wachee High School

Nomination – “Mr. Maternowski makes teaching fun and exciting. My son loves his class, he comes home and tells me about things he’s learned. Mr. Maternowski is a big supporter of the education system and teachers’ rights. He makes things new and attention-getting for his classes and mixes it up for the students to help them understand the material that he’s teaching. He’s always available for his students if they need help or has any questions. He provides some of the coolest extra-credit that I’ve seen by allowing students, at certain times of the year, to make historical art out of food that gets kids wanting to do it. He’s constantly going to training over the summer. He’s also a professor at the college and knowing that he has such a huge workload, it has not made his passion for teaching any less. I’m so grateful to have him in our schools to teach our kids and be such a great role model.”

November – Vanessa Lugo – Brooksville Elementary School

Nomination – “Vanessa Lugo is the teacher you pray your child gets. She is kind and patient with each student. Bonds are made with all the kids so they feel special, included, and loved. She creates songs to help students understand the lessons better and in a fun and exciting way.  Pride for her school and students shine through her like the brightest light. I have spent so much time in her classroom watching her change the lives of every student she encounters. I’ve watched her teach the class as a whole yet make each student feel like the most important person in the room. Vanessa has a passion for teaching that Brooksville Elementary as a whole benefit from. She is a team player, a great role model, and a truly wonderful human being. There are not enough words to thank her, but I hope this helps. She deserves to know how special and wonderful she is.”

December – TBA