NCT to NYC 7

This trip offers our student filmmakers an immersive, real-world experience, allowing them to operate as a genuine independent film crew. The competition provides a platform for showcasing their creativity and talent on a national stage, with the chance to win prestigious awards and recognition. Additionally, the trip includes educational opportunities to visit iconic landmarks and cultural sites in New York City, further enriching their filmmaking journey.

This film project will encourage and promote creative arts in Hernando County by showcasing the local program’s capabilities. The program will compete against the best film programs in the world.

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to purchase all-access passes to the All-American High School Film Festival and Film Invitational for the participating students. These passes will grant them entry to all festival events, screenings, workshops, and award ceremonies during their stay in New York City. This ensures that our student filmmakers can fully immerse themselves in the festival experience, learn from industry professionals, showcase their films, and have the opportunity to compete for awards and recognition.


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